Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blog Appetit Gets Visitors

My sister, brother-in-law and almost 15-year-old niece arrive today for  R and R (Rushing Around and Relaxing) in the Bay area.  They got pretty shook up by the East Coast quake so don't know how much they will like the rock and roll of our little quake last night and aftershocks if they continue.

Anyway, we have lots of fun things planned for their visit.  I will try (I no longer promise, I'm so bad) to write up the highlights of what we do as a resource for BADSF.

We have had other visitors this summer.  With one couple we did this day trip along the Pacific Coast although Bonnie Doon had changed its wine tasting location so we missed it.  They have moved the wine tasting room into their new restaurant. Go to for more information on that.  The White Raven (Felton) chai was just a great as we remembered.  And we saw some seals at Pigeon Point lighthouse.  All in all a great day.