Friday, December 28, 2007

Introducing Blog Appetit Does San Francisco ... and the Bay Area

I’ve wanted to do more “San Francisco Bay Area specific” posts for awhile, but they did not really seem to fit in well with the generalist approach I take to Blog Appetit, so I’ve decided to create a new blog.

Blog Appetit Does San Francisco will be mostly original features about enjoying the Bay area aimed at visitors and locals alike. Some food-related posts will have also run on Blog Appetit. The new blog will however not be all encompassing because hey it’s my blog and I don’t even run ads on the thing so I get to write about people, places, foods, ideas and rants I am interested in. But in the wonderful world of the web, there are lots of resources that should cover anything you’d like to know about just about visiting or enjoying the Bay area. I plan on many of those as links and/or in my posts as resources.

Because of my interests as a wanna-be food writer, there is the potential for BADSF* to have more of a food focus, but I also am a history buff and like off-beat museums and other sites as well as a big fan of neighborhood exploration. So its potential scope is much larger than a food and/or restaurant resource guide. When I get a clearer vision, I’ll be sure to share it.

If you have anything you’d like to share, especially any Bay area tips or links you think should be included, you can email me through my profile or leave a comment on a post.

*Yes I realize BADSF reads Bad SF, but I am choosing to ignore it right now!

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