Thursday, June 5, 2014

San Francisco Dine Around Town is Back

A great way to sample a great city's restaurants is back with Dine Around Town.  Now through June 15 make a reservation for a special multi-course $18.95 lunch or $36.95 dinner.  To make a reservation at one of the more than 90 participating restaurants - go to the OpenTable page.


benilhalk said...

That’s great!! I would love to visit the San Francisco restaurants for fine dining. I would go for the special multi-course $36.95 dinner. Thanks for sharing the reservation link. You know dear I would go there with my fianc√©. It’s really exciting.

Midnyt Blaze said...

For first and last time when I went to San Francisco from my hidden Paris, I found MaMa's as the best restaurant in San Francisco. It was peaceful and quite with well decor.

Anonymous said...

Though San-Francisco has some great place to travel and visit but sometimes it is not recommended due to its nasty smell.